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Kurdish-English / English-Kurdish Dictionary

Auteur :
Éditeur : Hippocrene Date & Lieu : 1994, Stockholm
Préface : Pages : 320
Traduction : ISBN : 0-7818-0246-6
Langue : Anglais, KurdeFormat : 110x180 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Kur. Kl. Ang. Ami. Kur. N° 4978Thème : Dictionnaires

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Kurdish-English / English-Kurdish Dictionary

Kurdish-English / English-Kurdish Dictionary

Aziz Amindarov


Kurdish is spoken bay nearly 35 million people across Iran, Iraq, Turkey and parts of the former Soviet Union. This dictionary provides a comprehensice reference to the Kurmanji dialect. A guide to pronunciation and parts of speech accompanies each entry. The author’s method of transliterration, customized for the Kurdish and English phonetic systems simpifies usage.


This completely modern, up-to-date KurdishEnglish / English-Kurdish dictionary provides a quick reference co the Northern dialect of Kurdish and English. Useful for travelers, business people, and students, the dictionary includes over 8,000 entries for both languages in a concise, easy-to-use format, Every entry provides a clear pronunciation guide. Parts of speech are indicated in icalics.

Each entry is accompanied by a transcription in the alphabet of the other language: the English words are spellcd with Kurdish characters and the Kurdish words with English characters. The author bas designed an easy-to-follow system of transliteration customized for the Kurdish and English phonetic systems.

Kurdish-English Dictionary


aba [aba] m father, parent
abad [abad] m being, essence; eternity; adj
eternal, constant
abdar (abdar] m horse
abid [abyd] adj r ighteous
abrudar [abrudar] adj famous, celebrated
aciz [adjyz] adj weak, helpless, pitiful
a~ar [achar] m rye; key
ad [ad] 1n oath
ada [ada]f island
adab [adab] m honor, shame, conscience;
politeness, good manners
adan [adan] adj productive, profitable
adar [adar]f March
adem [adam] ,n man
adet [adat] m rule, habit, tradition
adeti [adati] adj regular, ordinary
adi [ad iJ adj maternal, relative
adine [adineh] adj other
adres [adres]/ address
aferin (afaryn]f creation
afet [afat) m hero
afraz [afraz] 1n height, mountain
afret [afrat]f woman

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