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The Middle East: A Physical, Social and Regional Geography

Auteur : W.B. Fisher
Éditeur : Methuen & Co Ltd Date & Lieu : 1978, London
Préface : Pages : 616
Traduction : ISBN : 0 416 71520 6
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 150x235mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Fis. Mid. N° 5165Thème : Général

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The Middle East: A Physical, Social and Regional Geography

The Middle East

W. B. Fisher

Methuen & Co Ltd

The Middle East is a region of critical and growing importance in world affairs, both politically and economically. In this comprehensive study, Professor Fisher examines all the principal elements - physical and human - that influence environment, development and ways of life in this region. An analysis of the physical basis of the region is followed by detailed treatment of the complex human and social aspects; a concluding section brings together, on a regional basis, the elements discussed in the first two parts. The author has had first-hand experience within the Middle East, extending over thirty years, and much of the writing is based on surveys and investigations he has personally carried out.
For this seventh edition the author has collaborated with Richard Lawless (present Acting Director of the Durham Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies) to revise completely and up-date both the text and maps. Professor Fisher has examined new approaches and views on geomorphology, climate, soils and race and he has included up-to-date statistical material and recent technical surveys and reports. Special attention is given to economic aspects, which have greatly altered in many areas over the last twenty years. There is a completely revised bibliography.
Anyone interested in Middle Eastern affairs - from a geographical, historical, sociological or political point of view - will find this book of great value in giving a greater understanding of this key world region.

W. B. Fisher is Professor and Head of the Department of Geography and Principal of the Graduate College in the University of Durham.

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