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Conflict Dynamics and Human Rights Problems

Éditeur : Norwegian Institute of Human Rights Date & Lieu : 1995, Oslo
Préface : Pages : 96
Traduction : ISBN : 0804-0672
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 170x240 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Kar. Con. N° 3660Thème : Général

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Conflict Dynamics and Human Rights Problems

Human Rights Report, No. 6 May 1996

Gunnar M. Karlsen

Norwegian Institute of Human Rights

22-25 September 1995 the Norwegian Institute of Human Rights arranged an international seminar (called “the Oslo seminar” in this report) on ways to improve respect and protection of human rights in areas inhabited mainly by Kurds, i.e. Southeast Turkey, Northern Iraq and some parts of Iran and Syria.
Explaining the purpose and organisation of this seminar, a few words about the Institute is necessary. It is organised as a centre under the Collegium of the University of Oslo, and its primary objective is to contribute to the implementation of internationally recognised human rights standards - through research, information and documentation. At present the overall aim of the Institute’s activities is defined as studying and contributing to processes of democratisation. Since the Institute believes that securing human rights for all groups of society is a necessary condition for democratisation, the seminar topic fits well into this overall aim of the Institute.
The great concern for the human rights situation of the Kurd among Norwegian Parliament members and some professional organisations in Norway, adds to this picture and gives a broader context for the arrangement of the seminar. However, although the seminar was enhanced by Norwegian politicians, and financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its planning ...

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