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Memoires, Iraq & Kurdistan (1908 - 1923)

Auteur : Refîq Hilmî
Éditeur : New Hope Date & Lieu : 2007, Birmingham
Préface : Pages : 584
Traduction : Fereydun Rafiq HilmiISBN : 978-0-9555299-1-7
Langue : FrançaisFormat : 155x230 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Ang. Hil. Mem. 2663Thème : Mémoire

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Memoires, Iraq & Kurdistan (1908 - 1923)


Memoires, Iraq & Kurdistan (1908 - 1923)

Refîq Hilmî

New hope

In 1998 i.e. one century after the Birth of my father I published the English translation of Volume I of his Memoirs (Yaddasht) promising the rest at a later stage. It was not intended that that stage will be 9 years. However a number of unfortunate events and reasons meant that I could not complete the job until now.

Besides this, many momentous events and upheavals have occurred since 1998. The attack on the World Trade Centre towers in New York, invasion of Afghanistan followed by that of Iraq, and the horrendous murder and mayhem which have been committed for the past four years have added great urgency to the need for telling the story describing the first British invasion of Iraq at the beginning of the First World War.

The reader may be well aware of the goings-on in Iraq today; all the lies and deception; the fraudulent “elections”; the declared “humanitarian” aims to justify Genocide and highway robbery of Iraq’s resources; the threat of the lurking evil from which the country has to be “saved”; the “liberation” of occupied and exploited colonies from their ...

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