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A Guide Through the Ruins of Babylon and Borsippa

Author : J. Jordan
Editor : Government Press Date & Place : 1937, Baghdad
Preface : Pages : 68
Traduction : ISBN :
Language : EnglishFormat : 145x205 mm
FIKP's Code : Liv. En. Lp. Gen. 53Theme : General

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A Guide Through the Ruins of Babylon and Borsippa

A Guide Through the Ruins of Babylon and Borsippa

J. Jordan

Government Press

Babylon is situated 95 kilometres south of Baghdad on the main road which leads from Baghdad-West to Hilla and the Euphrates region of ‘Iraq. One can reach it in about two hours time by car and in 4¼ hours by railway. The road leads near to the palace mound of Babil through remains of ancient water canals and hardly recognizable traces of the town-wall into the town area, passes through it for a little more than four kilometres and leaves it at the south through dam-like remains of the outer-town fortification.

Close by the road is the line Baghdad-—Basra of the 'Iraq State Railways which has established a halt about in the middle of the town area for visitors to the ruins. Here the car leaves the main ...

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