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Limelight on the North of Iraq

Éditeur : Dar al-Jumhuriya Date & Lieu : 1965, Baghdad
Préface : Ahmad Shakir Shallal Pages : 78
Traduction : ISBN :
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 135x190 mm
Code FIKP : Lp. Gen. 39Thème : Histoire

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Limelight on the North of Iraq

Limelight on the North of Iraq

The first Arabic edition of this booklet having be- come exhausted soon after its appearance, it became necessary to produce the second edition with all possible speed.

The booklet has been greeted with extraordinary enthusiasm by the public at large, considering the value of the information contained in it and which was of equal interest to my Kurdish compatriots. This fact encouraged me to revise and enlarge it by the addition of fresh facts and additional figures.

In its present form, figures relating to Kurdish population have been analysed more thoroughly.
This edition also embodies the reproduction or the substance, of the petitions which were addressed to the authorities in the North by the residents of that area. These bear witness to the feelings and reactions of our Kurdish brethren on the subject. They expose the hollowness of the claims advanced by the insurgents under Mulla Mustafa Barazani. These letters uncover the sense of shame and frustration felt by the Kurds at the depredations perpetrated in that area, by their own kinsmen.

The inclusion in this edition of the substance of two momemoranda emanating from Mulla Mustafa Barazani is also of academic interest. I am indebted to al-Jamhouriyah newspaper, Baghdad, for the use of this material.
It has not been my intention to inflict upon the reader revolting details of suffering and misery. The purpose has been to tell the truth in the interest of justice.

Doubtless, the topic is of as much interest to those who are unable to benefit from the original work in Arabic. An English version was therefore urgently called for, to fill the void.

N.M. al-Kanaani.
Baghdad, 1st April, 1965.

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