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A Bibliography of Southern Kurdish - I

Editor : Royal Central Asian Society Date & Place : 1937, London
Preface : Pages : 12
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Language : EnglishFormat : 155x245 mm
FIKP's Code : Liv. Ang. Lp. Gen. 48Theme : General

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A Bibliography of Southern Kurdish - I


A Bibliography of southern Kurdish, 1920-36

Kurdistan in Iraq is divided into three parts, corresponding approximately to three earlier principalities: Badinan, between the national frontiers and the Great Zab, comprising the northern districts of Mosul liwa; Soran, between the two Zabs, corresponding to Arbil liwa; and Baban, from the Little Zab to the Sirwan (Diyala), including the liwa of Sulaimani and part of the liwa of Kirkuk. Between the Sirwan and the Iranian boundary the qadha of Khanaqin is part of the old pashaliq of Zohab and is also predominantly Kurdish. East of Baban, in Iran, is the province officially called Kurdistan, the old Ardelan with its capital at Senna; north of it and east of Soran, in the province of Azarbaijan, is the district of Mukriyan with headquarters at Sauj Bulaq...

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