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The Jews of Kurdistan

Éditeur : The Israel Museum Date & Lieu : 2000, Jerusalem
Préface : Pages : 272
Traduction : ISBN : 965 278 238 6
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 210x270 mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Shw. Jew. N° 2367Thème : Général

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The Jews of Kurdistan

The Jews of Kurdistan

Ora Shwartz-Be'eri

The Israel Museum

With the publication of the English edition of "The Jews of Kurdistan," I wish to take the opportunity to include a description of the research work I carried out among the Jewish Kurdistan community, the results of which appear in this book, as well as in the original 1981-1982 exhibition at the Israel Museum, and some of the findings that arose from my work then and continue to this day.
Nearly two decades have elapsed since the exhibition and publication of the Hebrew book. During this period, the culture of the Jews of Kurdistan has become largely integrated into mainstream Israeli culture. However, evidence of it can be found in exhibitions and books, in student dissertations, in artistic creativity and in a heightened sense of awareness of their heritage among younger members of the Jewish Kurdish community. This has encouraged us in our efforts in researching the culture of other Jewish communities.
The Jewish population of Israel is made up of communities from tens of countries all of whom brought with them their own cultures, often including unique traditions and ways of life followed for hundreds of years. It is important to understand the material culture of these ...

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