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Islamkundliche Untersuchungen - Band 138: The Yaresan

Éditeur : Klaus Schwarz Date & Lieu : 1990, Berlin
Préface : Pages : 320
Traduction : ISBN : 3-922968-83-X
Langue : AnglaisFormat : 155x235mm
Code FIKP : Liv. Eng. Ham. Yar. N° 1690Thème : Général

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Islamkundliche Untersuchungen - Band 138: The Yaresan


Islamkundliche Untersuchungen - Band 138: The Yaresan

M. Reza Hamzeh’ee

Klaus Schwarz Verlag

“Yaresan" and "Ahl-e haqq" are the names of an important community concentrated in South Kurdistan. Inspite of its importance, very little is known about this community. For this reason the existing information, although inadequate, has been extensively used by social scientists, including sociologists. But a sociological case study of this community does not exist. Therefore there will be many questions regarding this community which are yet to be answered.
In the present investigation, which is the first general study of this community, attempts are made to draw an overall picture of the community and present some outlines for future research.
The study will focus on three basic questions regarding the community:
a) The most important is to find out who the people are.
b)The second question investigates the contexts in which this community was born. This question concerns the past existence and the factors which contributed to its emergence.
c)The third question will be an extention of the above two and will look at the factors which have contributed to the survival of the community.

M. Reza (Fariborz) Hamzeh’ee was bom in Harsin, a samll Kurdish town in Western Iran. He finished his Primary school in Kermanshah, and secondary school in Tehran, where he also did his two-year military service. His fascination for India took him to that country where he lived for many years studying. Since 1981 he has been living in Germany doing research in sociology.

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